New energies,  New times, We are being birthed into new frequencies and so Gathering together and meeting like minded  people seems to be what the new energies is calling for….  

JEWEL OF HEART CONNECTIONS, is calling you to come together regularly to socialize, and energize.

There are many people who live on there own spirituality, and have no one to communicate with (except of course Angels Source and spirit) and nowhere to meet, JEWEL OF HEART CONNECTIONS will enable people to meet fortnightly or monthly either in the day or evening, it will be up to you, By charging a small amount we can hire halls for everyone to come together.

This is about YOU, not just me, together we can bring this into being, and out of this you will all make new friends and connections.

The name JEWEL OF HEART CONNECTIONS was channelled to Gailelaine at the beginning of the year and at the time of the new moon this month, again JEWEL OF HEART CONNECTIONS came in with the energy for connecting people all over the world. 

Fifteen years ago she was given the name Spiritual Jewel of Cornwall, and was shown beautiful lights like diamonds going up the country, these are the jewels which are YOU.  

THE TIME IS NOW, it is about being together not separate, out of the Gatherings will come great ideas, friendships and lots more,it is all about communicating and be supportive to others whilst being supported at the same time.

Remember this is about enjoying yourselves…..with music…..dance….laughter….and fun

Anyone who wants to join or find out more please contact me at gailelaine@btinternet.com.